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DJ Hypno

e-mail: hypno[at]elpigaz[kropka]com
muzyka: House
Rezydent klubu:

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Favourite clubs: The End (uk), Zouk (Singapore)
Favourite DJs: Scumfrog (US),Jon Pleased Women (UK)
Favourite composers/producers: Giorgio Moroder / van Gellis
Most hated musician/dj: Dave Pierce (Radio 1)- yeauck!
Best party of your life: Impossible to say - cant remember it, the music was good and the people were nice and the lights were fantastic!
Praise (where or who famous you played with): Steve Lawlers 'Lights Out' album launch - code, uk for Global Underground. With Laurent Garnier in Disco 7 - cannes for the 1998 Cannes Film Festival. With Victor Calderone at the Thunder Club, Tampa Bay - USA
Mayby you something created/recorded: Yes, i do produce, 3 tracks due out this summer - not signed as yet so if anyone is interested....
Stimulants: Vodka and Orange / High Heels
Write/draw something about yourself: Life is like a box of choclates - eat the fuckin lot!

Terri Fella / HYPNO first began DJing 7 years ago, developing his style throughout his history from French Filtered House music to deep/tribal and progressive/tech house and breaks - His current Playlists take influences from these genres and everything in between.
In 1997, HYPNO first began playing for various student parties and one off club-nights in venues and universities located mainly in the Midlands. As his reputation for being an 'essential party ingredient' (primarily due to his penchant for Tequila and a splash of make-up!) became more well known, he was travelling to play his characteristic selection at free parties in Brighton, Southampton and London.
Taking a break from his increasing 'party popularity' for travelling (self-repair!) in the first half of 1998, he returned to the scene with an urge to explore the rest of Europe.
A chance meeting proved unbelievably prosperous and lead to Hypno being the resident DJ for The 1998 Sony Playstation Snowboarding Tour, playing in numerous clubs and bars around the French Alps - developing his style further to suit the more breakbeat / Hiphop influenced audiences as well as keeping a taste for 'Le disco'. After a gruelling 6 month series of parties he was subsequently invited to play for "La Douche" and "Le Suite" in Nice (France), "La Forum Rouge" (warming up for Laurent Garnier) and "Le Village" in Juan Les Pins; as part of the 1999 Cannes Film Festival. He has since played further afield, taking sets in "Hole"- Bangkok-Thailand, Singapore and the US whilst travelling and now Central and Eastern Europe with his decision to reside in Poland.His ultra-energetic stage presence, his ability to build an amazing rapport with any club crowd, combined with an uncompromising attitude for giving the dancefloor exactly what it needs, whatever it may be (even removing his headphones to join the hedonists on the floor), has yielded much success in this part of the world.
Playing for the infamous "Sfinks" (the Polish Hacienda) alongside international names such as Jon Carter, Sebastien Leger, FabG, and making frequent guest appearances in Warsaw for the Internationally renowned Piekarnia and on the nationally broadcast Radio Stacja.
Back in the UK he held monthly residencies for "STEREO" based in Birmingham club `Bonds`, which saw him perform alongside Steve Gerrard, James Zabiela and Tribal Sessions main resident Greg Vickers, "Wax" at "The Lost Weekend" in Nottingham alongside Marcus James and Ashley Casselle from Renaissance as well as Birmingham Super-club CODE's new progressive night "DIRTY", playing for the album launches of both Sasha and Steve Lawler and warming the floor for such names as Dave Seaman, Danny Howells and Lee Burridge.

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